Salut from extrasens
Extrasens Zagariya N.I.

Director of the center «Phenomen»:

Zagariya Nadezhda Ivanovna

Extrasens, the folk healer of the supreme category.

«It is a little of those who cures
of indifference and a harm.
I trust these people never-ending,
I trust in them as in myself.
Still time I bow up to floor
about my clear gratitude,
and certainly I to you duty,
be may my own happy life...»

Verses were devoted by the captain-lieutenant Jurtaev to healer Zagariya Nadezhda Ivanovna.

Professor Beloshapkin A.A.

«Zagariya Nadezhda Ivanovna is one of rare phenomena. Her really unique abilities, allow me as to the professor, to the doctor of medical sciences to draw a conclusion, that the people possessing such gift as at Nadezhda Zagariya, in the world of unit, and they certainly should be considered as national property»

The professor, the doctor of medical sciences, the doctor-vertebronevrolog, the folk healer of the supreme category Beloshapkin A.A.

Chairman of examination board of the center «Phenomen».

The Moscow international center of alternative medicine «Phenomen»

The Moscow international center of alternative medicine «Phenomen» it is created by folk healer the supreme category, extrasens Zagariya Nadezhda Ivanovna for improvement of the population by nonconventional methods.

In the center work and experts of various directions cooperate: doctors - folk healers, professors, doctors of medical sciences, hirudo therapist (treatment by bloodsuckers - Hirudo medicinalis, latin), bioproof-readers, extrasens, clairvoyants, hypnotists, experts on a guessing on the French cards «Lenormand», usual, Taro, cosmoenergets, yogas.

The center includes basic materials on healing, corrections of a human body, real disclosing of internal reserves, connections of channels, and as advanced achievements and proofs of materiality of power channels. The center has the volumetric material investigating (researching) mental aspects of occurrence of illnesses. Experts of the center apply various ways and methods on elimination of bad habits, tobacco and alcoholic, gamemania - for one session, and also diseases, phobias, stutter, an enuresis, barreness, an impotence, skin diseases, etc.

Ways of influence are original, based on experience, outlook and culture of the previous generations, and also modern methods of effective influence: author's, the nonivasive character, including information, biopower, verbal, cosmoenergetical, mental, contact, remote - with the purpose of preservation of physical and mental health, improvement of state of health, correction of various diseases, and also their elimination.

The higher school of training folk's healers

«Desires of knowledge occurs from the forgotten knowledge in the past»

The higher school of training folk's healers «Phenomen» is created for revealing phenomenal abilities, disclosing of internal reserves of a human body, healerinal, extrasensorinal abilities.

The school invites to training-seminars of all interested persons, both with medical education and without it. Training is spent in the internal and correspondence form, and also individual under the order with departure any city. Training passes with obligatory dedication, disclosing of channels and delivery of documents - diplomas, certificates of extrasens, healers, magicians.

Before training without fail "pupil" passes the test for revealing extrasensorical or healerical abilities. Fills the statement on training and opening of channels, signs the contract on passage of a rate of extrasensory-healing, gives health certificate from psychiatrist (original).

About quotations and more detailed information the request to address by phones specified by a site and e-mail. Training is spent in Anapa (Krasnodar territory).

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